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Our Privacy Policy has been created to transparently outline how we handle your personal information. It is important for us to ensure you have utmost confidence and trust.
We understand that privacy and security is a paramount concern for our users.
We have time and resources to ensure that we follow best practices along with best technology for our website users.
Keep trust in our Privacy Policy is limited to our website and in no way covers websites that are owned or operated by third parties.

Type of Information We Collect:

Personal Information:

    - Full name
    - Email address
    - Mailing address
    - Phone number
    - Credit card number
    - Other information you submit voluntarily

Use of Personal Information:

We consider privacy and confidentiality of your information seriously. We do not share any of your information without your consent. Unless you give us permission, we will not sell, share, license, or rent your data to other than as specified in this policy.

Note that if you chose to withhold your data, you will not be able to access certain parts of our website. Email and other forms of Communication – You may also choose to communicate with us. We will use your data communicated over these means in accordance with our Policy.

Automatic Collection of Non-Personal Data:

Some of our web pages’ use “cookies” so that we can give you a better customer experience through customization based on your recent website visit and searches. You can choose to accept or not accept cookies through your browser settings, this Non-personal data includes

    - Type of browser
    - IP Address
    - Date and time of website access
    - Pages that you have accessed on our website
    - Credit card number
    - Internet address from which you have linked to our website

This data helps us improve our experience.

Purpose of Use:

    - Providing services and support to users
    - Improving website
    - Responding to user questions
    - Maintaining website security

Personal Information is transferred to the following third parties

    - Banks
    - Travel Suppliers, such as:
    - Airlines
    - Hotels
    - Tour Operators

Our Technology

Member Accounts

By registering with us, benefit from not having to enter Personal Information and Preferences resulting in faster check. You may to chose which information you would like to provide us. And you are able to enter and view:

    - Profile
    - Searches
    - Quotes
    - Bookings

Communications: To ensure that our adds value to you with a great customer experience and sharing information that we may believe to be in of your interest. Email is vital and therefore we will be sending you regular special offers, promotions, discounts, recent searches, quotes, booking details, etc.

If you do not wish to receive emails from us, you will have the option of unsubscribing.

Any change if in our Policy will be updated on our site. We will modify our Policy Statement at any time and without any prior notice, review our website regularly and you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.